imaginement ® * is a systems thinking reset for appreciative change and innovation.  Cultivating the imagination enhances creative thinking for both anticipating needs and actualizing potentialities. In today’s Anthropocene epoch of  human-caused climate change, it is imperative that we reawaken our eco-imagination by restoring our relationship with nature. Nature is our go to source to recalibrate our rhythms that govern creativity, connection, and compassion for all living things so that together we can collaborate to reach our most aspired for future. We believe that growing the imagination leads to creative, synergistic collaborations that are the way of a future essential to the intellectual, economic, and flourishing vitality of all species.  
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Photo: Todd Heisler/The New York Times; Tomas Saraceno Venice Biennale 2009

Terri McNichol is a contributor to The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 2nd ed

 "WOW!  Mega-kudos to the authors for this amazing compendium, the  definitive  statement  of  the  sustainable  enterprise."


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imaginement® Seminar April 29, 2021:  “An awe inspiring presentation on a topic that mixes Chinese art, wisdom and business leadership” ~Prof. Christophe Faugère, Professor of Finance at the Kedge Business School, France

Recently published!    "Visualizing  Wisdom: Mindful Brush of Confucian Moral Aritstry"   Read it here

"Leadership Lessons from Landscape Painting East & West: Cultivating a Spiritual Eco-Imagination" Forthcoming chapter Routledge