imaginement™ developed and tested in college classrooms for two decades is a  process-oriented guided-inquiry method for transformational change.  As an assessment tool, its arts-based approach enhances the attentional capacities of individuals and teams: they move beyond literal seeing and perceive and actualize patterns that spark ideation and innovation. Human beings do not merely adapt but transform because of their ability to “see” what is not there and that seeing lies at the foundation of all human culture. 

Photo: Todd Heisler/The New York Times; Tomas Saraceno Venice Biennale 2009

Terri McNichol is a contributor to the Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook,  2nd printing

Available August 18

 "WOW!  This  incredible  work  defines  both  the  breadth  and  depth of  the  sustainability movement. The  Activities,  Cases,  and  Tools  delineate  the  qualities  of  a  sustainable  enterprise  with  insight,  practical  value,  and  passion.    It  will  shape  the  path  to  a  better  world  for  at  least  another  10  years.    Mega-kudos to the authors for this amazing compendium, the  definitive  statement  of  the  sustainable  enterprise.”