imaginement ® * is a systems thinking reset that combines creative thinking with critical thinking skills.  Cultivating the imagination enhances creative thinking for not only anticipating needs but also actualizing creative potentialities. Attentional looking at art that can trigger processes of seeing the world from different angles. Our imaginement assessment tool grew out of analyses of college art history student first-reports written on an art object in the museum. This arts-based approach also has applications in business and education such as science learning (STEAM) by moving beyond literal seeing in order to perceive patterns that spark ideation and innovation. 
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Photo: Todd Heisler/The New York Times; Tomas Saraceno Venice Biennale 2009

 "WOW!  This  incredible  work  defines  both  the  breadth  and  depth of  the  sustainability movement. The  Activities,  Cases,  and  Tools  delineate  the  qualities  of  a  sustainable  enterprise  with  insight,  practical  value,  and  passion.    It  will  shape  the  path  to  a  better  world  for  at  least  another  10  years.    Mega-kudos to the authors for this amazing compendium, the  definitive  statement  of  the  sustainable  enterprise.



Terri McNichol is a contributor to The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 2nd ed. Avalible now: